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I was born 'n raised in The Boo~oo~oondocks

I might have been born just plain white trash // But Fancy was my name

Smoke (Sha Gojyo) [Saiyuki manga]
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"I actually have two weaknesses: tobacco and tarts-- and I'm picky about both of them."

Basic Stats
Height/Weight/Build: 184 cm [6'] / 75 kg [165 lbs] / moderately well-toned
Birthday/Sign: November 9/Scorpio
Blood Type/Skin Tone: B / sun-tanned light brown
Shoe Size: 28.5 cm [10.5 US men's, 10 British men's, 44.5 European men's]
Eye Sight: 1.5 [0-1 is fantastic]

ES Info
Canon Point: Saiyuki Reload vol. 7, End of Ch. 32 -- Even A Worm [19]
Age: 23
Residence: Section 3
Roommate: none
Birthdays: August 14th 2008 [Hatching], November 7th 2009 [Fire Rebirth], August 10th 2010 [Rebirth]
Brother: Amurui/Senri (+Anima)
Greeters: Iris (NPC), Steve (NPC), and Reed/Ramza Beoulve (FF Tactics)

Player Info
Name: Jen/Fru
Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Contact: PM this account via LJ
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This is an RP journal as Sha Gojyo of Saiyuki.

Profile Layout by wastedsolace: [here]; image recolored by frudence
Journal Layout by danad_fanart: [here]
admiring bastet, anime, bothering honor, drinking with hooters gang, edensphere, flirting with kurama, getting lost in wilderness, it's buttery, making booze recipes, role-playing, rp, running from drake, running from trust, saiyuki, sha gojyo, snarking with tabloid