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I was born 'n raised in The Boo~oo~oondocks
I might have been born just plain white trash // But Fancy was my name
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26th-Oct-2014 04:23 pm - Important Links
-- Application
Constructive Criticism / HMD Post
-- Notification Post :: All logs at Smoke's Bar
-- Relationship Post :: Present and Past Relationships ranked 1-8 (Favored-Middle-Hated)
Headcanon Explanations
Memories & Dreams
-- Memory #6 (Sound, Touch) *Crystal
-- Memory #5 (Sound) *Radio Broadcast Memories Event
-- Memory #4 (Sight, Sound, Touch) *Cloud's Crystal Experiment
-- Dream #3 *Rebirth
-- Memory #3 (Sight, Taste) *Crystal
-- Dream #2 *Fire Rebirth
-- Memory #2 (Sound, Smell) *Crystal
-- Memory #1 (Touch, Smell) *Crystal
-- Dream #1 *Birth

Past GamesCollapse )
satisfaction guaranteed, !charm: satisfaction guaranteed
26th-Aug-2011 11:21 am - #54 - Cocoonday
3 years.

Don't think that was even a thought in my head when I got here. Actually I know it wasn't. There's never been any 'I can't wait to get home' for me, let alone how long it'd be before I got there, the whole time I've been here.

[Pentaps of debating what else to say in public, given recent tree shenanigans]


[He'll be behind the bar if anyone wants him, sipping on a drink.]
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1st-Jun-2011 01:09 am - #53 - Tag'd
[Backdated by an hour or so]

Oh very funny. That junk sprayed all over the outside walls? Guess it's been awhile since my bar was vandalized by pink paint.

[Finally decided to use the Catchphrase Graffiti event. Trollfaces, rainbows, and 'GO WEST!' in great big spray-painted English letters - but it's all done in Smoke's favorite shade of magenta, except for the rainbow.]
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30th-Apr-2011 02:31 am - #52 -- Woken from the Nightmare
[His handwriting's pretty messy since it still hurts to write.]

Here's a tip for all you new kids - don't ever leave your journal behind. Ever ever. Or you may get lost in the Wilderness alone for 3 weeks (or more!) with no way to ask for help and no way out.

And if you do, then all you can do is hope the Adventurers do their job - and they do; try thanking 'em sometime - 'cuz it'll have to be one of them who drags your sorry ass back out of there.


[Not that he's bitter about the experience, of course not. He's been here long enough to know better and not make these mistakes, you know.]
!!convo: hmm pondering that, hmm thinking
11th-Feb-2011 02:04 am - #51 - The Bitty Invasion Continues
Looks like I'm stuck not working until I can use . my weapon again. Guess we better hope things stay quiet - weird, but quiet.

And don't think _ I won't still kick your ass if you try anything.

- Smoke

[Okay that last bit was mostly for Black lol]
-bitty: smoking
[A chair's legs are coming up & down off the floor, the sound of tape-wrap coming off the roll can be heard, and the definite rustling of clothing alongside two men shouting]

That hurts, dickwad! Wrap with goddamn care! [This is Smoke's voice, loud and clear]

This is nothin'! Deal with it! I already said -- now, now -- should do it an' not me! [This is a young adult male's voice, some would recognize as an older Meatbun. The green is clearly not his voice, but an older man Smoke's age.]

Hell no!! The monkey makes the wounds, the monkey fixes the wounds!

Aw, c'mon. I didn't hurt you that--

THREE RIBS! YOU BROKE THREE RIBS! That a big frickin' deal! [Smoke's voice definitely got louder & angrier there]

I said I'm sorry. [Meatbun/Goku is grumbling a little]

Bah! I want you to think about what you did. [Smoke is being snide here] First you go on a rampage, then you sleep while the rest of us're hurt--

I'm sorry. ... ... I'm really, really sorry. [The sadness and frustration was much more evident in Meatbun/Goku's voice that time]

... *sigh* [Then comes the sound of someone being forcibly yanked closer]


Moron. Ease up, okay? [Smoke's voice is suddenly much softer and empathetic... almost brotherly] What you did wasn't wrong. Remember that. It was the only way for us to beat Kougaiji. And hey, it turned out all right. Right? [This is accompanied by a hair ruffle. The red voice sounds like a shout during combat, and not Smoke/Gojyo's voice]

Uh... mm. I still don't remember it. Or I don't remember things, anyway. [Meatbun/Goku sounds like he's both horrified and yet blaming himself] But I remember my hands. I was really tryin' to kill. An' I wasn't just after Kougaiji either. I was gonna kill you. An' -- now, now. An' ... -- just die -- even. [The green is the same voice as earlier, while the purple sounds like Moon. Meatbun/Goku is verging into sad tones in his voice now] That's why I ... I ...

*THWOCK!!* [It's the sound of something heavy impacting a human skull]

ERK. WHAT TH' HELL, -- geez ow -- ?! [Meatbun/Goku sounds like he did at the beginning now. The black voice sounds like Smoke.]

Quit underestimating us, you little snot. [Smoke's voice is firm and retaliatory, like he was just seriously insulted] Do you really think we suck so hard that you could kill us? First off - cut your disgusting little apology for killing me. Open your eyes. I look dead to you? [Sarcasm and 'tough love' enter his voice now] You couldn't kill me when you tried. Too. Bad.

[There's the sound of a door opening and Smoke's tone visibly shifts to the comic-charmer] 'Sides, I'm already planning on dying with a beauty on top of me. I'd never let someone as stupid as you kill me.

That hurt, you perverted kappa! Eat this!

[The memory fades out to the sound of wry laughter from West/Hakkai] Ah ha ha... [It's clear now that it was his admonishments from twice earlier]

[Added when the radio crackled-laughter fades away] ... Well that's a relief.

[[OOC: Memory comes from Volume 6, Chapter 34: Always -- on Mangafox this is Page 11 through Page 16. The dialogue is mostly taken from the official Tokypop books, as opposed to Mangafox.]]
!charm: give & take, hard knocks
Alright so since Axel's counted the money and divided it up, I get to do the writing as he tells me who won & the amount and all that good fun stuff. We also wanted to thank everyone who participated -- we noticed a lot of newborns bidding, so thanks for sharing what you could! Here's the breakdown!

OOC cut to save your f-lists, not ICCollapse )

So that means 8,266 coins & wall murals (Edensphere maps) for the Hatchery for newborn stuff, 4,960 coins towards bridge repair & all that, & 3,306 coins for the Watch!

Feel free to use this space to arrange times & dates for your little get-togethers~ Whether you're looking for a friend or a "friend," just remember to have fun! New Year's is about new chances & all, right? ♥

[[OOC: Hopefully we got all that right - IM/e-mail/PM/plurk me if you think something's not accurate! For posterity, I'm noting that all of the prank bids were made with the permission of the player of the character who "won" the bid, so have fun with that! XD ]]
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Did I miss the part of the party with sticky confetti? Because I keep trying to throw this little red piece away and it always manages to cling to my finger or pants or something so I can't. Thought it was time for a new lighter cuz the confetti piece wouldn't burn, but my cigs all light fine, so I dunno what's up.

On that note - thanks for my birthday present, bro. Should last me... awhile. Do I get to keep the bag? Did you make it?

Forgot, for the new kids - hi, name's Smoke, one of the Guards.
!!convo: say that again?, say that again?, yer shittin me
6th-Nov-2010 09:28 am - #47 - Culture Clash of ES Events
[[The writing comes slowly and every few words come out a little shaky]]

I'll say this much: I actually like the outfit this time.

But that still doesn't excuse the lollipops.

This better as heck go away by my birthday, or I'm gonna find a couple of you jerks to beat senseless and send to the shadow realm ... into the next life ... you get the idea.

These headaches aren't going away. Can Medical fix those?

[[OOC: Smoke is now decked out in classic studded leather courtesy of Rob Halford of Judas Priest with fringed leather jacket included]]
!!convo: talk to the finger, talk to the finger, !!convo: not listening to your crap
2nd-Nov-2010 05:16 pm - #46 - "Kid-friendly" he ain't

[[OOC: Of all the effects that the 4Kids event has imposed upon Smoke, he has one concern above all else XD ]]
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26th-Oct-2010 10:35 pm - #45 - The Past Returns
So many people's faces... If you wanted to make portraits, now's the time, Kurayami. Just head out to the park and take a glance at all the food.

Looks like someone still thinks we need a reminder of how often people come and go in this place. Or just likes twisting a knife, who knows in this place.

Oi Rain - my Thursday night's unexpectedly free thanks to the elevator. You still up for that?

[[OOC: This entry would have gone up around 10AM, for all you newbie characters who may have needed a reason to check out the BBQ before it disappears tomorrow~ ♥]]
$ping: all things crimson
1st-Oct-2010 09:30 pm - #44 - Oh brother where art thou
[[I was away all day bawww so we'll say that Smoke is only finally coherent enough to write in the journal and hasn't read Lin's entry yet /braces for hate. He saw Lotus' entry and immediately went to the park with Aniki in tow and found Amurui, with player permission from both~]]

[the handwriting is chicken-scratchy, reminiscent of Smoke's earliest entries]

Amurui's stuck in some kind of clear cocoon thing. I didn't see what happened.

Aniki and I'll be here in the park until it hatches.
!!convo: sullen, sullen

Don't make me drag your ass out of the Wilderness again.

[[Translation: He wasn't on the list, so he's still alive. Which means he's fair game to check up on via snark.]]
staaaaare, !!convo: you're being ridiculous, unamused, ''log motion: staaare
Word to the wise: do not feed green paste to a pig rappig. Results may involve an angry brother and an angrier pet.

However, the "sushi" it comes with is a-okay. Actually just the right size to toss into Suzy's mouth one after the other. Please do feed the pig rappig -- might make him forget he's [bubble]-ed at me. [Bubble]-ed. REALLY TICKED OFF at me.

[[OOC: This will appear in log form shortly because clearly Suzy is awesome lols. Smoke is hiding out near the Taiko Drummers but like hell he's going to announce that where Aniki can read it. Feel free to comment if you'd like your character to find Smoke hiding out, tho! XD;; He's hoping the loud noises keep Suzy (and thus Aniki) away.

Edit for clarity: Smoke's not actually going to leave the Wilderness without Aniki, knowing the Wilderness eats has a tendency to get people lost when they're alone. So the offer to 'find' Smoke is just to say hi and chit-chat for a bit, then possibly leave together with Aniki.]]
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8th-Sep-2010 12:01 pm - #41 Suzy-Q

[[OOC: Aniki brought home their new pet this morning and left it in his room before going to work, all while Smoke was asleep. When they 'met' the rappig the first time at Apple's shelter, Smoke was blind XD;; ]]
!!convo: jeepfight angry
I'll apologize right now for the length of this memory, but a full third of it is external exposition - Smoke reacting to the memory as it's playing out. Also a warning: there are gory details beyond this cut. PG-13, I think.

This memory was taken from segments of Saiyuki Reload: Chapter 17.1 through 19. For ease of reference, here's a link to the first time Smoke saw this particular scene - his first memory crystal in Edensphere.

Weep little lion man, / You're not as brave as you were at the startCollapse )
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27th-Aug-2010 12:21 am - HELL YES!
... oh hell yes. Life is sweet again.

Hey - all you folks who said they'd spar with me. I'm heading to the bridge between Melee Island and Crystala. I'm in the mood to exercise my shakujou* - it's been long enough, since the day after I got back!

If you want we'll just spar at the dojo - if you're in the mood for a real challenge we'll head to Crystala. Yes I'm going tonight. I've been cooped up too long. I'll go back tomorrow too - since I know some people are already asleep.

[[OOC Edit: The log to join this fun is now posted!]]

[[*OOC: What Smoke calls his weapon. It's much more complex than a staff, but that tells you the kind of person he is when it comes to complex names. ♥ Smoke's still used to going to bed between 3AM and 4AM, then waking up at 10AM or later XD ]]
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20th-Aug-2010 03:22 pm - #39 - Plus without the minus
Okay, I get it. The sphere gets its jollies off by watching a bunch of guys flail around because we've got new parts to deal with. So why the hell didn't it go all the way with mine? This is part of the punishment isn't it?

... Sorry for whatever you saw, bro. Hope the scarring's not permanent.

I'm uh... gonna try to see if I can go to work today... if any of my clothes fit... how the fuck do you even walk like this...

[[OOC: Smoke has been changed into his canonmate The Merciful Goddess / Kanzeon Bosatsu - who in the original manga version is a hermaphrodite. At least he doesn't know what a goddess' powers are? All replies will come from holy_androgyny]]
'crack/ooc: bodyswap Kanzeon OMGWTFBBQ
12th-Aug-2010 11:29 pm - Back In Black
Heyhey Edensphere - miss me?

For those who don't recognize my handwriting (or those I've never met), my name is Smoke. I... got lost for awhile, but I'm back now, and I'm really glad to be home ... around friends again.

I'm feeling the muscle cramps from being shut up inside those gooey messes for so long. So! Anyone been looking for a sparring partner? I need work on close-range and long-range both. Because I can think of a few people who will want to kick my ass.

Oh also - When you figure out how to use your journal, Special-kun, let me know?
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10th-Aug-2010 01:50 pm - Dream #3
Smoke's New Birth Dream
I'll show you hot-tempered!Collapse )
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27th-Jan-2010 10:06 pm - #37 - Bright flare burnt out
Goodbye hasn't shown up for work in weeks, and Aimo never took me up on that job offer.

Please - has anyone seen them?
bang push, ugh, !!convo: bang push ugh crap
26th-Jan-2010 02:16 am - #36 - Simple Things Amuse Minds
[[OOC: Posted around 7:00PM on January 25th, while Smoke's in jail]]

Looks like Fred's pulling overtime for awhile folks - opening & closing for me.

'Cuz hell if I'm letting you guys catch me that easily... as soon as I get out of here.
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